Learning to see, differently

Hi fellow travelers! Today I spent re-reading work done in Rhet and Comp (SNHU 555), the course intro materials, re-thinking the responses to my first post and reading the past course mentor blogs. A few things latched on:


Photo of Montemarche

  1. I love what SB did with her thesis blog project. We small grouped together in Lit Crit (best small group, ever-very supportive, intense and everyone seemed to really enjoy the discussions. Typical “21st century women of an age” we all had FT gigs, and family obligations. Much like Cinderella’s faery gran once sang, it’s true that impossible things can be possible, every day). SB was obviously very well read but this blog shows her creativity blended with solid research and critical thinking. That reminds me that what was most fun in the first post was blending poetry and pictures into the text. This is the creative type of project I want to develop. That’s the inner Angela, and what I want to express. I was also wondering what this desire is for others?
  2. From DK’s thesis blog, related that question, “My new book arrived yesterday! It is Dr. Dan P. McAdams’s Stories We Live By: Personal Myth and the Making of the Self. I am excited from the first page of the introduction in which McAdams says, “We are tellers of tales. We each seek to provide our scattered and often confusing experiences wish a sense of coherence by arranging the episodes of our lives into stories” (11). What do you think about that?
  3. And, from B in response to my first post, as an organizing principle, Walter Benjamin  “articulates the Modern privileging of the artistic and sacredness of the individual point of view” (Basheer 2). Just like art, sometimes what is felt in the heart and mind cannot be expressed by anyone but yourself.”


Painting of Montemarche

We each have something unique to bring to bring to the party, whether that’s a unique take on a genre, a collection of authors examined through a different lens (or invited to a dinner party), a new way of teaching, or the many things I haven’t thought of because, I am not you. In talking about this paper, I realize that one unique way I can relate my lived experience to the academic world is through discussing my stories about partnerships with undergraduate students from other countries in the college writing studio. What did I learn from those? What can I learn through research that will enable me to better help other  students to write within the academic genre, and support their narrative identity creation? This will support earlier classwork in Multi-cultural, Global and Comp and Rhet. The project is connected to the majority of my literary criticism which focuses on a postmodern questioning of metanarrative and individual identity creation through narrative. The project will fill a gap in my experience which is research related to teaching and I hope fill a gap within critical research. More later!

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